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A Right to Concealed Carry Laws

6 Aug
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Set forth by the Constitution, we are not simply offered the option to bare and carry arms; we have a right to concealed carry laws. The laws should reflect this right in every way possible and yet, so many states have laws in force that fall short.

In an article on, author Robert H Boatman thoroughly covers the research showing that the second amendment was written the way that it was because it protects the citizens of this nation.  It clearly states:

“The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

This sentence and the meaning behind it have been twisted and fear has been placed in its stead.  So many different studies and hours of scientific research have proven over and over again that when people have the option to carry a gun, without hassles, the crime rates drop and the community in general enjoys a more peaceful everyday life.

That said, it is not just a right for those that understand the law to carry a weapon — it is a responsibility.  And it is not a right that should be taken lightly. The ironic part is that those most likely to apply for and obtain a license to carry concealed are those that understand this right the most, not the petty criminal, taking advantage of the law. Responsible citizens will help not only themselves, but the community at large.

A Right to Concealed Carry Laws

“That loaded pistol in your holster is a powerful expression of your Constitutionally guaranteed liberty as an American citizen, your recognition of the solemn duty you have to your fellow man, and your willingness to accept the full weight of a life-and-death responsibility.

When you are prepared to defend yourself, you are equally prepared to defend all of society and all of its guiding principles. Your responsibilities are therefore many – moral, legal and tactical. That is why most people, including lifelong gun owners, experienced hunters and competitive shooters, even in states that freely issue concealed carry permits, do not choose to carry a gun.”(More concealed carry info here )

Men like Gary Kleck and John R. Lott, Jr researched and published findings that showed beyond a reasonable doubt that those societies that are armed enjoy far less violence, and yet, the millions of crimes that are thwarted each year by armed citizens are rarely covered in mainstream media.  You might ask, “Why?’ but if you pay any attention to political propaganda, you will soon discover why.

We have a right to concealed carry laws, but we must continue to protect that right. This means informing yourself as to what your state laws are – and making your own decision as to what you are going to do in reference to those laws.

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