CCW: Improving with Your Weapon

2 Oct

Practice is the only thing that will help you to get better with your CCW (concealed carry weapon). But it can get very expensive to be going back and forth regularly from the shooting range plus buying all the ammunition.  The answer that will save you time and money is to ‘dry fire’ or ‘dry practice’.  This means that you practice in a systematic way without any live ammunition.  You can practice in your own time and in your own home and without spending any money on ammunition.ccw: handgun

You know what else is great about ‘dry firing’? It also allows you the opportunity to practice in a focused way that cannot happen in a distracting and noisy firing range.  In a live fire situation, there are other weapons discharging and other distractions (like flying brass).  In dry work, you have a better opportunity to focus mentally on what you are doing and in this way create better muscle memory and overall skills. Here is what Tom Givens of recommends.

Get Better With Your CCW

“Dry practice should only be conducted in one designated, established area, and nowhere else in your home. That area should have a safe wall, that is a wall that will actually stop bullets in the event of an unintended discharge. A brick exterior wall or a stone fireplace can work, or you can use a body-armor vest as a backstop. Do not dry fire toward an interior drywall.” (More on CCW)

Getting into good habits from the outset will really make a big difference when it comes to dry practice.  Every time you go into your designated area you want to clear your gun and take out all the live ammunition.  Put everything into a bin or drawer.  Once all the live ammunition is out, then take the bin or drawer into a different room in the house.  Clear your gun again once you go back into the dry practice area.

As with any practice, you need a target to aim at.  Commercial targets are fine, but you can also use a simple hand drawn target as well. You want to put the target on the safe wall or whatever backstop you have decided on. You want to make each practice session about ten to fifteen minutes, as that is a good amount of time to focus mentally.

As you work to get better with your CCW, you will want to keep your sessions short and to the point. You can rotate different drills to help you with correct presentation of the gun as well as aim.  Before you know it, your conditioned responses and muscle memory will start to show you better results when you are on the live fire range – all thanks to dry firing practice.

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