Galco M7X Matrix Holster — Safety, Security, and Affordability

21 Nov

When carrying concealed, you want assurance that your holster is not only comfortable, but also holds your handgun securely. Except, there’s more to it than that. There is also the comfort, the ease of putting your holster on and taking it off, and the overall cost.  This is exactly where the Galco M7X Matrix comes in.  matrix holster

Some weapons, such as the Springfield Armory XD-M .45, come with their own holsters, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that they are the best fit or design for the weapon or your body.

A comfortable and secure option such as the Galco M7X is not only an outside waistband holster, but it also holds some weapons much higher and tighter than the holster that it came with them.

Installation-wise, the M7X is very simple to put on and take off. It has plastic loops that are durable and snap into place easily. When first using the holster, it may seem a bit uncomfortable as it takes time for it to mold to the carrier’s body.

The M7X is also molded for specific handguns and you’ll know it’s secure in place when you hear it ‘click.’ It also supports overall concealment thanks to the non-adjustable forward cant which forces the weapon and holster to ride more up than back. This also allows for a more natural draw, adding to its benefits.

In his article “Galco M7X Matrix Holster” on, Mark Kakkuri explains why the M7X Matrix is a great choice for those who carry concealed:

“The M7X Matrix defines simplicity. It offers no adjustability whatsoever—no tension screw, no height or cant adjustment. But it doesn’t seem to need those, either. Moreover, the M7X Matrix is maintenance free, maintaining its good looks and functionality without any input from the user. You snap it on and snap it off. You insert the handgun and draw it out. While M7X Matrix holsters come in left or right hand designs, they are only available with a black finish. Matrix holsters also allow you to carry multiple versions of the same gun in one holster.” (Read more about the M7X holster here.)

When looking for a holster beyond the one that your weapon may automatically accompany, you should seek out something that is comfortable, and affordable. It should aid in concealment, and provide confidence when carrying. If you’re seeking value and practicality in your holster, look no further than the M7X.

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