The Importance of an Organized Concealed Carry Education

27 Dec

When you made the decision to enter the concealed carry world, there was probably a series of events that convinced you to take the plunge and acquire a firearm. various guns

It may have been the example and testimony of friends and family.

It could have been a TV show or newspaper article about someone who saved either their own life or the life of another because they possessed a firearm.

The most important thing is that you took action and made it happen.

That initial decision is a big step. It is a lifestyle change that comes packaged with a sizable amount of responsibility.

It can be incredibly easy to become complacent and lose momentum, after you’ve made that initial purchase. Yes, you have purchased a powerful tool but you don’t know how to use it to its fullest potential yet.

This is why it is important to put together an outline for yourself of what you want to learn, by when, and how you plan on going about your concealed carry education.

Merely being in possession of a firearm does NOT make you any safer. Owning a fast car doesn’t qualify you as an expert, who could drive it in a race; so, don’t think owning a firearm is any different.

Treat your shooting training like you would any formal education. Create goals for yourself. Put together a timeline that includes regular shooting practice and preferably, a few professionally-instructed classes to boost your learning speed.

Author Claude Werner also advocates practice and planned shooting education in his article “Building a Sequential Training System” on

“As with any physical skill, there is a progression that we have to go through to achieve competence. This progression takes time, requires a commitment of personal resources, and necessitates considering what a person’s ultimate goals are. While many people have achieved a degree of competency just by shooting on their own, following a program that is based on intermediate performance objectives can speed the process and reduce the resources required.” (Read more about a concealed carry education here)

Purchasing a firearm and holster isn’t something you should do impulsively or for its “feel good” effect.

When you bought a gun, you didn’t just get it to feel good. You bought it for tangible protection benefits. Owning a gun is a large responsibility. It isn’t enough to simply possess a gun. One must know how to use it effectively and responsibility.

A gun represents many things, including power and force. It is a tremendous enhancement of our normal human abilities and the knowledge of its use does not come naturally or instinctively.

Don’t make the mistake of relying on “being lucky” to get you through a violent altercation. If you haven’t already put together a training plan for yourself, make the decision to start your education today. The result will be rewarding and it will provide you with newfound confidence.

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