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Personal Reasons To Have a Concealed Carry Permit

23 Jul

Author Emily Burton on shares her story about her personal reasons to have a concealed carry permit.  These reasons started out pretty general, to eventually wind their way into a pretty specific need for the permit.  Often, that’s the case.  We citizens see the need for a CWP, but it’s ‘in case’ and the idea of something or someone truly dangerous coming after us is kept a little at arm’s length.  Here is Burton’s initial take on the permit.ccw license

Personal Reasons To Have a Concealed Carry Permit

“I got the permit just in case, if something happened where I felt it was necessary, I would be able to carry legally. I found that having a concealed carry permit was an excellent filter for my actions: if I felt I would need to carry my gun somewhere, I just didn’t go there. I know some will argue with me on this one, and that the only logical choice is to have the gun with you always. My carry gun (when I carried), was a Glock 19 and my carry rig was a fanny pack.” (More of the story here)

Her initial reasoning mirrors many other people’s reasons and as she points out, when she thought she actually might need the gun, she avoided those places and situations. That’s not such a bad thing.  But soon a situation came up where someone she knew was attacked.  She became involved because it was one of her son’s friends and Burton then put time and effort into catching the attackers.  Of the three, one attacker was put back in jail for parole violation, eaving two more who possibly knew who she was.

At a visit to the corrections department, one staff member took it upon herself to ensure that Burton renewed her permit that had expired a couple of months prior.  Sometimes it takes a special circumstance or a special person to give us the push in the right direction.  Even with renewed personal reasons to have a concealed carry permit, it’s easy to allow other things to take priority and not take a step back to see the big picture.  We don’t need to be in imminent danger to realize that our personal safety should always come first. Take this message to heart and be sure that you renew your own license yearly and at least consider getting a permit if you don’t already have one.

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