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Who Killed Tamir Rice?

29 Dec

If you’re not familiar with the story about Tamir Rice, there’s enough information buzzing on the Internet to start a fire right about now. With the holiday season coming up, this unfortunateshiny toy gun situation of a 12-year-old child being killed by a policeman may even get a bit more complicated.

Due to the holiday season, there will be a lot of people giving gifts.

One thing that you know for sure is that some of these gifts will be given to children and teenagers.

Some of these gifts might be handgun replicas, very similar to the toy handgun that Tamir Rice was playing with.

Rice’s toy was replicated to look identical to a real .45. Lately, toy handgun models have been specifically marking these fake weapons to let law enforcement officers know that the replica is a toy.

These markers were created to communicate in a very strong visual way so that no one would be confused and react to a perceived threat.

The markers are there for protection purposes in order to avoid another Tamir Rice incident. By placing a loud orange color on the tip of the muzzle, the toy manufacturers are doing their part to communicate that their products aren’t real guns. However in Rice’s case, the orange part of the toy had been removed, making it harder for police to see the difference.

Author Rick Sapp goes in depth about the dangers of replica guns manufactured to look real and why they could be dangerous in his article “Who Killed Tamir Rice?” on USConcealedcarry.com:

“The audio of that call is available online. ‘There is a guy with a pistol,’ the caller says. ‘It’s probably fake, but he’s pointing it at everybody.’” (Read more at USConcealedCarry.com)

If you do buy a toy handgun for a family member or friend this holiday season, you should be sure to take out time and explain to the children the importance of these additional features and why they shouldn’t be removed.

You should also stress that the toy is something that kids shouldn’t go around pointing at everyone. Teach them to treat the toy as if it were not a toy, and you’re providing a great lesson, maybe one that will lead them to be responsibly armed Americans later on down the line.

Have a face-to-face conversation so that you can be absolutely sure that the child or teenager completely understands what you’re saying. Of course, if you can’t be there in person, it might be smart for you to consult the child’s parents first to see if the gift is really a wise idea in the first place. Many parents don’t want their children to have guns, toy or not.

The important issue is that of using the tragedy of Rice’s situation to make sure that no more children die. Police should never have to encounter a child with what they believe to be a handgun so that they’re forced to respond. Make sure that all safety features remain intact and that kids understand that you should NEVER point a weapon, even a toy, at an officer of the law.


How To Carry Concealed – My Initial Experience

14 Dec

Concealed Carry Weaponhey there,

Some time ago I made a decision – a very important decision….

if you are here reading this blog I am guessing you are either thinking about carrying a legally concealed weapon or you have already decided to do so some time ago.  This was a big and serious decision for me and I wanted to create this blog to share my experience in making this critically important decision. I hope this information is helpful for you.

Why I Chose To Carry Conealed

It was a hard decision but really what it came down to was an article I read by a guy named Lt. Dave Grossman.  The article was called “On Sheeps, Sheepdogs, And Wolves”  – It was a real game changing article for me and I recommend looking it up.  Just google it and you’ll find it.

That article will get you thinking for sure.

It got me thinking about who I was, who I wanted to be, what I would stand for, and what I would NOT stand for.

Once I started thinking about it I looked up a lot of information on how to carry concealed, the laws etc.

I recommend looking up your own state laws first.

Since I lived in a state that didn’t require me to take a class I went down to my local Police Department and requested my license.  It showed up in the mail about a week later.

I then went to a local gun range and took a private class with a firearms instructor on how to safely handle a gun.  


I was not really comfortable with firearms before this but afterwards I had a healthy respect for them and I knew how to use them more effectively. Besides learning how guns worked I also got to shoot a few different guns to see which I liked better.  (I liked Pistols first rather than Revolvers although you may choose differently)

I then went into research mode to find out which pistol I wanted.  I ended up buying a couple different guns.

1.  I got a Glock 36 (a .45 caliber pistol) – an excellent gun

2.  I also got a Ruger LCP .380 (this is also an excellent gun, considered a pocket pistol and is much smaller and easier to conceal.  I use this one mostly).

Once you have your license, your gun, you need to get a holster

There are lots of different Holsters out there.  You will need to try a bunch and see which one works best for you.  I really like the crossbreed holsters but see what works best.  A lot of local gun stores will have a wide variety that you can check out.  There are some guides on Amazon dot com that can get you pointed in the right direction.

The best Advice I Have On How To Concealed once you have these pieces is:  education and training 

This is just the beginning.

Now you need live training by experts, you need to physically train yourself (repetition and motor learning, and education on what when to defend yourself and the laws involved.

One Last Important Point

I highly recommend looking into getting Self Defense Insurance so that if and when you ever have to defend yourself your butt will be covered.

Did you know that if you ever have to defend yourself and your family you will be arrested and you might get prosecuted?  That’s why you need this additional level of defense so you don’t get screwed over by our “Legal System” and criminals who do something wrong, get shot, and then sue you for shooting them (even if you were legally in “the right”).

I hope this blog helps you my friend.  I commend you for being a “Sheepdog” and a responsibly-armed American!

Stay Safe,